Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 9, Thing#21 Podcasts

I've been doing podcasts for a few months now primarily to listen to NPR's Fresh Air program. I've added the RSS feed for NPR to my bloglines account. I find that very useful for a quick look at what is being aired. I listened to "Circulate This: Stories From the School Library." I thought it was a very powerful message in a unostentatious way. I plan to send it to all my Board of Education members in hopes that the more tech savvy ones will take the time to listen. I'm keeping the idea of creating a Podcast swimming in the back of my mind. Too much to do now with school wrapping up soon. I want to mull over how we could use it within the district and the benefits versus the time required to do something of this magnitude.

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  1. You are nearing the finish line! Please look at and comment on other CSLA member blogs between June 1-September 1 and learn twice as much.

    Best wishes.