Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 3, Thing #7 Technology eReaders

I recently received a Kindle as a gift and have downloaded several novels from Amazon as well as from 3rd party sites. I'm of two minds when debating the pros and cons of an ebook reader versus hardcopy. The Kindle is fantastic when sitting in the middle seat on a airplane with very little personal space. Plus I can have a wide assortment of options to read when traveling-- novels, newspapers, etc. However, I still enjoy the feel of a physical book. When reading I like to go back and reread passages or jump ahead to read the ending. That's a little trickier to do on a Kindle. I think I might enjoy reading on an iPad a little bit more with it's visual element of a page turning. Probably the most distressing thing about using an ebook reader is that I can't share a book I've really enjoyed with my friends and family.

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