Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 6, Thing #14 Technorati

I have to say I was a bit disappointed using Technorati. I searched for School Library Learning 2.0 in Blog posts, in the POSTS and in the Blogs Directory and came up with zero hits.  Searching Google, Bing, Ask, and Yahoo resulted in lots of hits. I did notice that Google searched only the terms library learning and blogs and ignored the school and 2.0 components of my search.  When I limited my Technorati search to library learning, the results were more productive. Exploring popular blog, searches and tags was impossible because that section was currently unavailable but would be back in the future. I thought using Delicious was much more user friendly.  Technorati was heavily weighted towards business and entertainment. Tagging strikes me as having a much more powerful search capability than ordinary keyword searching. However, that may not always produce the best results.  I chuckled when I saw one post with a tag "journalism" when I would hardly call the blog it was referring to as journalism. The big question is when does this free for all in tagging become too massive that it reduces its own effectiveness?

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